Last updated on Jun 15th, 2020 at 07:52 pm

The media is relentless

Have you noticed in the past few months that not a day has gone by without a saucy article being published about the Duchess of Sussex? The media has been relentless.

One can only imagine how the Queen must be feeling! To have your family (unwillingly) dragged into what feels like an extended episode of the Jerry Springer show is not very pleasant. But, it is what it is… a hot and relevant topic and everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon – myself included.

William and Kate are for sure having some juicy conversations regarding their new sister-in-law and her family

Some feel that the stories doing the rounds are mean or false and that Meghan is being bullied – even George Clooney has gone so far as to compare Meghan’s situation to that of the late Princess Diana. The British press disagrees and so do I. Meghan knew exactly what she was in for when she signed up for her ‘royal membership’ and she could not wait. The eyes of the world are on her 24/7 and she not only loves it, she plays up to it – thriving on any and all attention. The public remains divided – there are those who absolutely adore the Duchess and those who claim to see right through her act where her every move and every comment just feels fake!

Defending the Duchess – the latest scandal

For those of you who missed it, five of Meghan’s closest friends recently spoke (anonymously of course!) to People magazine, rushing to her defence because they ‘feel concerned’ for her and hate seeing her vilified by the press – especially whilst pregnant. And, what a picture perfect report they gave – Meghan comes off looking like an absolute saint of a woman and friend. Again, I have to wonder, do they know the ‘real’ Meghan or are they (and Prince Harry) in love with the manufactured version of herself that she has presented to the world since becoming famous?

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Puppet master

Instead of being a story given the go-ahead by the royal family’s press office, the interview was given without prior permission. According to reports the palace was only informed of the article mere minutes before publication.

While that much I believe, I can’t see how there is no way that Meghan had nothing to do with the interview. Given that she can no longer publicly defend herself with a quick, well-written post on Instagram or Facebook now that she’s a member of the royal family, what better way than to ask (or manipulate) a few good friends to speak to the media on your behalf? It all seems so expertly and covertly choreographed by none other than Meghan herself and the manipulation doesn’t end there.

Dear Daddy (yeah right!)

THEN… just when the public had started to digest the drivel published in People, what happens next? Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle, decides to reveal the contents (five pages to be exact) of a handwritten letter which Meghan wrote to him a few months after her wedding.

Given her father’s behaviour and dances with the media prior to her wedding, surely the Duchess of Sussex knew that there was a very, strong possibility that her father would make the letter public at some stage? A well-known British handwriting expert analysed Meghan’s handwriting in the letter and says that the Duchess is a ‘narcissistic showman’.

When I read the letter, it came off to me as careful and calculated. You can tell that it’s not a letter from the heart… or even to her dad. In my opinion, Meghan wrote that letter to the world. Crafty!

Here is a video where you can see extracts of the letter and decide for yourself… a heartfelt plea from a brokenhearted daughter or a sneaky attempt from a desperate Duchess to flip the script in her favour?