Ending a marriage is a physically and emotionally draining experience but it can also bring a new lease on life; just ask Phemelo Motene who recently confirmed that she and her husband had gone their separate ways

The ex-Generations star had been married to Mthandeni Ngcobo for the last 16 years and the couple always appeared to have a solid grip on maintaining a public image while nurturing their private lives. It appears as if this attitude stuck to the very end because they were able to separate amicably and, more importantly, well away from the public eye.

In fact, had Phemelo not appeared on Moja Love TV’s Show Me Love, many of us would be none the wiser. While many of us missed the interview, a Sunday Sun report claims that Phumelo spoke candidly about her marriage falling apart before revealing that she and Mthandeni would not be making it into their 17th year.

Speaking to KG Moeketsi, Phemelo revealed that she and her ex-husband had split amicably and that the decision to separate was mutual; but she added that her children were having a difficult time coming to terms with their new reality.

Although the 702 presenter has been bombarded with questions since the interview, she has remained tight-lipped about the circumstances around her now-confirmed split

Although viewers on the day didn’t home in on the news of her divorce, her story did inspire some of her fans. A few of these followers took to Twitter to thank Phemelo for the motivation she had given them by being so candid in the interview:

It remains to be seen if Phemelo and her ex-husband will speak about their break-up in public. When questioned about her split by the Sunday Sun team, Phemelo replied: “I appreciate your call, but I won’t confirm nor deny anything.”

How does one begin picking up the pieces after ending such a long-term marriage?