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If you’re thinking of emigrating to the UK, you might be able to qualify for an ancestral visa or British passport…

Having a visa or passport can cut down significantly on the amount of admin and paperwork involved in your move. How do you know if you qualify? Try this free birth certificate evaluation assessment.

So now you know whether or not you qualify, you’ll need to chat to a professional agency that can help smooth out the process for your big move. Let’s be honest – it’s not an easy process, but it really does help to have professionals on board who can help you sift through the reams of paperwork and legal jargon.

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Do you need to employ an emigration lawyer?

Avoid unnecessary costs by finding out exactly which services you require. Immigration lawyers are best suited to complex immigration cases and often charge higher fees, whilst a straightforward visa or passport application can easily be managed by a reputable and experienced immigration consultancy.

How do you identify legitimate consultancies?

The old-fashioned word-of-mouth route is always the best way to go. Using social media, and asking friends and family for their recommendations will help you narrow down a short list of professional agencies. ALWAYS do a google search for the company’s name, and try to find reviews of their services where possible.

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Get quotes

Once you have settled on your short list of candidates, make sure you get quotes from them. The quotes should be detailed, and encompass each stage of the process so that you aren’t blind-sided by hidden costs at the end.


Some agencies even offer full refunds if your visa application isn’t successful!


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