Khaya Mthethwa’s fans have a few questions about what exactly it is that part-time and full-time fathers do

The former Idols SA winner recently welcomed his first child with wife Ntando Kunene-Mthethwa.

He appears to be enjoying every minute of being a dad and took to Twitter at 3am to reveal that he had changed his first diaper.

“Made a mess of my first nappy change yesterday… I respect full time fathers,” he posted.

While some of his 421 000 Twitter followers praised him being on nappy duty, many questioned what exactly he meant by “full-time father”

“You mean there are part-time mothers and fathers?” one tweep wrote.

Another added: “What are the duties of a part-time father?”

Some Twitter users told Khaya that he needed to appreciate full-time mothers more.

“Respect single mothers more. That’s one of the causes of postpartum depression. Even women with partners also suffers from it. Just be an active father. It really helps. A child is a full-time job. No breaks, whatsoever,” the woman tweeted.

Despite the shade from some of his fans, several dads shared their own experiences

“I think I have mastered nappy changes… Funny how everyone thought I’d mess. Just the smell that used to get me, but hey you got to do what you need to! Enjoy bro!” a user named Kgauzer replied.

Another user wrote: “I have to tell you it’s not easy but worth it Khaya,, sleepless nights, GP visits nappy changes, etc., but it’s worth it and you learn everyday… no one is perfect but nothing beats the feeling of experiencing each and every step of your child’s growth. Congrats and all the best.”

Khaya did not let a few bad comments ruin his moment. He continued to tweet about his new fatherhood experiences

“I’m slowly understanding what my father feels when he sees me & my brother. I get it. – Can u imagine what a God feels when he sees us?” he wrote.