nje is a South African based, boutique-scale clothing brand with a passion for quality, originality and comfort

A South African black-owned, boutique-scale enterprise that represents a passion and gift of curating and combining unique and special pieces of clothing, their intention is to bring a fun twist to a woman’s authentic and multi-faceted self, with their special offering being the unique versatility of the garments.

This is also reflected in their four ranges: work it, quirky me, multi do and turn up.

What nje means

Before passion translated into business, the word ‘nje’ meaning “just”, “as is”, and “no fuss” in the South African language IsiZulu, was ideal in describing a ‘just-as-you-are’ sense of style no matter the occasion.

nje co-founders Bonolo Zwane and Mark Banele Graham describe what makes their brand unique

“Women have a wide range of options for clothing both locally and internationally, at reasonable value for what they spend. Many comparable brands had what we can only be best described as the “This is amazing and unexpected, I love It” phenomenon, but they struggled to translate it into “This is amazing and unexpected, I love it, and I can see myself in it”.

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“So for the average woman, a lot of the more exciting options with unique design features were impractical. Nje garments find a great balance between the unexpected and comfort.”

These are some of our favourites from their latest range:

Bell-ish linen bottoms

This rosy, pure linen, retro classic is a summer must-have for any occasion!

The pants’ modest bell-bottomed shape makes for ideal comfort and flattery of the curvier form while enhancing the length of the more linear form.

Price: R839,00 – R879,00

Jump into retro

Go for effortless and sassy class in this soft, quality, wide-legged denim jumpsuit.

Price: R1 299,00

Detachable printed coat-dress

There are very few occasions to which this cannot be worn and even fewer items it can’t be worn with! Suitable for all weather patterns, belt off, belt on, detachable scarf off or on, at times a coat, sometimes a dress; this garment moulds itself to your preference.

Price: R1 550,00

Floral peplum skirt

Boho chic picnic princess in effortless minimalist simplicity and flair! You can never have enough florals to spring into the happy warm season.

Price: R1 495,00

Bubble-shaped linen dress


For trouble-free wear, cool simplicity and shapely contours, try this bubble-figure, bubble-arm linen edition.

Price: R759,00

All-white bonded airtech jewel

Sensual modesty, summertime essential and fun luxury! This all-white jewel brings an unexpected mix of nostalgic thai silk and modern contemporary mesh.

Price: R600,00 – R890,00

Shop these and other fabulous fashion items at //nje.co.za/nje-shop/