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Sho Madjozi’s fashion sense is in a league of its own. With a daring combination of textures and colours, she brings new meaning to the word ‘avant-garde’ and we love her for it.

Aside from being a celebrated actress, musician and poet; Sho Madjozi is an award-winning fashionista with a range of clothes inspired by her currently on sale at Edgars. While we all know there can only ever be one Sho Madjozi, we’ve learned a thing or two from her that can elevate just about any wallflower to fashion icon status.

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1. You do you boo

One of the first things you’ll notice about Sho Madjozi is her off-beat fashion sense. She doesn’t follow trends, isn’t wearing the anything you’ll find just anywhere and is super creative in her outfit combinations. Sho Madjozi does Sho Majdozi – and if you’re going to learn anything from her it has to be to do you, too.

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2. Your smile is your best make-up tool

Forget contouring, highlighting and eyebrows that smudge, your smile is the best thing you could put on your face. Sho Madjozi swings from full-on Afro-glamazon with shimmering blue eye shadow and bold purple lips to a clean fresh, equally gorgeous face.

Aside from her faultless features, the confidence in Sho Madjozi’s smile is definitely a trend to copy.

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3. Don’t follow the trends, start them

Don’t wait for everyone to fall in love with your favourites, instead lead the way. Sho Madjozi’s unconventional style has inspired a range of clothes available at Edgars! So take a style lesson from her – love what you love unapologetically, even if that means wearing fluffy Post Malone Crocs.

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4. When in doubt, add colour

Using colours to express yourself isn’t just for the canvas. Wearing bright bold colours, making daring make-up choices or even adding a little colour to your outfit by wearing bright accessories can help you express yourself or inspire your mood.

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 5. Your heritage matters, not just on heritage day

Most people dust off their traditional attire for weddings and heritage day and neglect them the rest of the year. While we all agree that we’ve inherited some fabulous fashion, not everyone can fit cultural appreciation into their everyday wardrobe as well as she does, but we can give it a try.

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