SA-born comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has added his voice to the outrage that was sparked by Gucci’s ‘blackface’ sweater

The renowned fashion brand came after fire for the release of its black wool balaclava sweater with a red slit near the mouth last Friday. The sweater was labelled racist and was likened to ‘blackface’.

Even though Gucci halted production of the sweater and issued a public apology, it wasn’t enough to calm peoples’ rage.

Trevor did not mince his words when he called out Gucci and other brands for insulting black people

“Okay, what the f*** Gucci? Why would you make that? Like even as a clothing item, why would you make that? Where would you even wear that? Skiing?

“I’m sick of companies saying, ‘this was a powerful learning moment for us’, because they never actually seem to learn,” Trevor said.
The comedian said that it was about time that big brands were taught a serious lesson.

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“You know how they’ll really learn? It’s if these companies have to pay black people every time they do racist sh** like this. That’s what I propose. Every single time they gotta pay black people out. At least that way back people actually get something out of it.”