Learning to read your baby’s cues is challenging but doable – give it a go!

Jenny Spiro is an occupational therapist specialising in newborn babies (and creator of the NurtureOne sleep pillow). She shares seven newborn sleep tips, guaranteed to help exhausted parents get more sleep…

1. Learn those cues

Timing is everything. Try to ‘catch the sleep wave’ at the right time. Learning to read your baby’s cues is challenging but doable – give it a go!

2. Keep it simple

Don’t overstimulate the environment – that means no mobiles over cots. Keep colours and tones of the room clean and neutral.

3. Don’t let your baby get overtired!

Don’t let your baby get overtired. Being overtired leads to neediness which can lead to a disaster.

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4. Position is key

Put your baby down in her cot bum first, then head (and always have your baby’s head at the same level or higher than her body).

5. Soft toys and soothers

It is okay for your baby to have a soft toy, dummy or soother to help keep her calm at night when you are not there.

6. When it comes to co-sleeping, never say never…

Co-sleeping (or not) is a controversial topic! Do what works for you, and what you feel is safe and responsible.

7. Baby massage for the win!

A little bit of baby massage pre-sleep is a wonderful thing. We are huge fans of baby massage – read all about it here.

Sleep tips courtesy of Pure Beginnings.