When was the last time you cleaned out your coffee maker? We thought so! Don’t feel bad- it’s one of the most neglected kitchen appliances when it comes to hygiene…

The last thing you want is stale, bacteria-drenched water in your coffee, however, so here’s a simple, effective way to keep things hygienic…

Isn’t throwing away the grounds enough?

While it’s certainly a good start, it isn’t enough to just empty the coffee maker regularly. Fine particles can wash into the rest of the unit, no matter how good your filter paper is. There’s also the risk of bacteria growing in stale water.

While we’re sure it’s one of the busiest items in your kitchen, why not give it a little extra love today?

Keep your coffee maker clean

Cleaning your coffee maker, however, can be tricky. You don’t want to get soap residue in your morning cuppa, after all! While you can clean and rinse the jug in a conventional way, that’s not really going to help for the rest of the unit.

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Fortunately, vinegar is coming to your rescue. Simply use a 50:50 solution of vinegar and water in the reservoir, and run a normal cycle. Now repeat with clean water only. Your coffee maker will gleam from the inside out, and be much healthier too!