There’s nothing like a lavender bush at the door to your home. Whether it’s the age-old connotation with luck or you just love the smell, here are some good reasons this beautiful, easy-to-grow plant should be in every garden…

It smells fantastic

Who doesn’t love lavender? From a long history in men’s aftershave to the heavenly smell of fresh linen and dried lavender, this is a plant it’s hard not to love

It’s simple to grow

Other than succulents, there are not many plants that are easier to grow than lavender. Hardy, not demanding of water, easy to care for and able to take a beating, even the blackest thumbs can keep one alive.

It gets rid of pests

Did you know that lavender repels flies, fleas, moths and mozzies? Add a pot or two to your kitchen window or braai area, and reap the pest-repelling benefits.

The good bugs love it

On the other hand, pollinators love frolicking in its branches. From our ever-endangered bees to butterflies and other welcome garden insects, lavender will help your home become a haven.

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With tons of colourful varieties to choose from, this gorgeous, fragrant yet simple-to-grow herb will be a hit in your home too!