Avoid making purchases from vending machines if there are no healthy food products on offer.

Food and beverages from a vending machine

Vending machines are usually loaded with a great variety of treats, snacks and even beverages, all of which are usually high calorie and refined in nature. Due to their wide availability, a vending machine can be found almost anywhere – from private work places/offices to public shopping malls. Many people are unable to resist the sweet and sometimes savoury temptations that they have to offer.

So what should you do to avoid making purchases from vending machines?

Healthy snacks and drinks

Well, consider packing your own snacks and having them available for you to eat when needed. Cut up fresh fruit into little slices or pieces and pack in a cooler to help keep them fresh and crisp. Other snacks can be packaged into little containers that are airtight and stored in handbags or other bags that you carry with you. Be sure to measure snacks into suitable portion sizes so that you do not overindulge.

Similarly, be sure to take your water bottle along with you when you are away from home. This can prevent you from purchasing high calorie beverages when thirsty.

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No money, no junk foods!

You can also consider not keeping any cash or monetary coins on you so that you are not tempted to spend it on junk and processed vending machine snacks. You will find that you may not have even needed the high calorie snack in the first place!

Healthy family

Make a rule for yourself and possibly even for your children, not to make purchases from vending machines on a regular basis. Setting a good example for your children can help save your whole family from becoming unhealthy, overweight or obese.

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