“New Year, New You” is a series of articles that will help you to become successful in your diet and exercise journey in 2019 (and every year thereafter). The articles will include tips, new ideas to try, strategies to follow, and encouragement to keep you moving forward…

How to hit the bull’s eye

Have you ever shot a bow and arrow? Or been so focussed on a task that everything around you becomes quiet and blurry? Do you focus on your diet like that?

In a diet this can be very, very good, or very, very bad – it depends on how you do it.

You see, when you begin a diet you really need something to aim at. You need a goal, and you need the desire and discipline to achieve it. The problems can come from aiming at the wrong goal, or trying to achieve an unrealistic outcome.

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Aim carefully, plan properly

If you take aim carefully – get a good plan, have an achievable goal, and then focus on doing the necessary to get there – then you’ll ‘see’ and get exactly what you’re aiming for. And that’s a BIG deal.

It means that with a little simple planning and a lot of discipline (which feels tough, but actually isn’t) you really can achieve something amazing.

Remember, most people who begin a diet don’t achieve anything. Like, nothing! They plan poorly, have no motivation, an unrealistic goal (and they know it is) and they simply give up. Don’t be one of them.

Take careful aim, and hit the target on the bull’s-eye.


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