We’ve known for some time that Boity was preparing to release her second single, Bakae, and this Friday the rapper and presenter has just shared

“I do it for my best friend mama” – In the opening line of Bakae’s first verse, Boity makes it clear that her mother is the only person she’s holding kindness towards right now – everybody else has a target on her head.

On her second single, Boity is no longer treading lightly, tip-toing around the tense battleground that is South African hip hop. Instead she’s armed with a snarling growl and lyrical ammo that could take down even her strongest adversaries and she’s come out firing on the new track.

Bakae was first performed at the South African Hip Hop Awards where Boity teased that the release of her new single was only weeks away. As it were, we would only have to wait until the second week of February to finally listen to her second offering after 2018’s debut single, Wuz Dat was released on streaming platforms everywhere.

The reaction to the second single was one of genuine excitement from her fans, as well as slightly less surprise from neutral fans (we’ve all accepted that Boity is a rapper. This is happening!)

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The song debuted on Metro FM and 5 FM this morning where listeners were able to hear the studio version of the track for the first time

While stopping at the 5FM studios, Boity shared her excitement for the new single, saying:

If you haven’t already heard it, listen to Bakae below.

Fun Fact: in SeTswana, “Bakae” means “Where are they” – almost as if Boity is on the hunt for her haters and critics.

Will they come out after the release of the multi-talented rapper’s second single?