The whole world is heading towards more sustainable fashion choices: this is how you can join in

The fashion industry is not as glamorous as it seems. In fact it can be extremely harmful on the environment.

But we don’t have to sit back and watch the negative effects of fashion happen, we can all do our little bit to make the industry much better for Mother Earth. You want to look great, but you don’t want to leave a giant carbon footprint on the world or contribute to ill treatment of workers or animal cruelty that many brands unfortunately take part in.

Here are a few tips for making far more eco-friendly fashion choices:

Repair your old stuff

Revamp your jeans by ripping, embroidering and distressing them. Don’t toss your old shoes and bags, fix them. DIY your way into giving your old clothes a whole new life.

Turn old fashion into new fashion

If a piece of fashion you’ve bought is no longer on trend, grab a pair of scissors and see what you can do to make it trendy. Turn jeans into shorts, oversize tops into crop tops and maxi dresses into minis.

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Swap or sell your unwanted clothes

Don’t throw away your old clothes, if you feel you can’t repair them – maybe someone else can! Hold a swap meet with your friends or take them to secondhand shops and charitable organizations.
Make sure to also buy clothes from those secondhand stores. Vintage will never go out of style and will always be good for the environment.

Combine cheap and expensive clothes

Invest in a great bag, pair of shoes or coat that’ll last you for years to come instead of a bunch of cheap ones you’ll only wear a few times. Supplement these quality pieces with cheaper, trendy items.

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Proudly SA

Support the local economy by buying local. Buying locally also reduces environmental impact because local businesses can make local purchases, thereby decreasing transportation pollution.

Learn about brands

Find out who you’re buying from. What do they stand for? Where does their waste go? Do they have a bad rep for how they treat their employees? Make Google your friend before supporting a brand.

Fake it

The production of fur harms millions of animals every year. It also contributes to land devastation, air pollution and water contamination. Plus it’s treated with dangerous chemicals. Rather wear synthetic fibers – they’re cheaper and guilt free.

Click here to check out EcoGemGem’s range of handmade vegan ‘leather’ bags. They’re super stylish and budget friendly.

Know your fabrics

Buy eco-friendly fabrics made from sustainable sources. Bamboo, silk, organic cotton, soy, hemp and lyocell are all plant-based and all good for the earth. Some companies have even found ways to turn recycled plastic into clothes!