Sparkling faucets are one of the best ways to make your bathroom a haven of comfort and style – yet it’s hard to maintain that showroom finish for long when a busy family has finished with it.

Don’t give up on your fixtures just yet – it’s easier than you think to keep them sparkling…

Start with a good clean

Of course, you don’t want that sparkle to hide germs and grunge, so it’s important to clean up the fitting first.

Use an old toothbrush to help get into the hard-to-reach spots as well as remove soap scum from the base.

Use an anti-bacterial cleanser for best results, or opt for a ½ and ½ solution of vinegar and water if you’d prefer. Whatever you choose, be sure to rinse very well when done to remove all cleaner residue.

Bring back the gleam

Now your taps are all cleaned up, it’s time to bring back the shine. Just grab a sheet of wax paper from your kitchen and get rubbing! This will revive the sparkle, fill in shallow scratches, and even add a slight rust-proof coating to the metal to keep it looking its best. You can also use this tip to freshen the look of metallic sinks.

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Sparkling taps aren’t just for show homes – you can harness that same gleam for your own bathroom, too.