Recycling has become a buzzword as people become more attuned to the damage we’re doing to the planet with our messy ways. Yet it can seem a drag to fit another intricate detail into our already busy lives. Recycling tins is simple, however – and can even be fun too!

Simple to prepare

The good news is, recycling tins doesn’t need anywhere near the effort that’s needed with plastic items. All you need to do is run them through the dishwasher and place them in a bag! Remember to take the tops off fully and carefully with a can opener, especially if you’re getting the kids involved too.

Give back to the community

Many charities make a little spare cash by hosting recycling bins on their property. Do the right thing for the earth, and give back to the community too, by dropping your full bags off at your favourite charity that offers this programme.

Get creative

There are a ton of creative ways to reuse tins around the home, too. They’re also easy to paint and add decor to, so they can look fantastic. Endlessly useful as containers, they can be harnessed as drink holders (simply use a threaded rod and nut to keep drinks elevated), candle holders or even desk tidies and wine racks when hot glued together. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Recycling can be fun, and is great for the earth, too!

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