Gorging on 10 000 calories a day on camera has become a lucrative meal ticket for a 33 stone (209 kilogrammes), size 30 woman, whose gluttony is eagerly watched by thousands of online fans…

WARNING: Explicit content

Amanda Faye, 25, charges viewers for videos of her doing everything from chugging down high calorie drinks to jiggling her belly fat. She’s part of the ‘feeder’ community where online fans (and potential love interests) pay to see her eat, dance, jiggle, and even pose in revealing lingerie.

With over 51 000 Instagram followers, Amanda is raking in the cash.

She charges:

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  • $US10 for access to all her videos & photos
  • $US20 for Snapchat
  • $US50 for a FaceTime call
  • $US100 for ‘adult content’

Although she also receives a lot of hate mail, she says that she’s very happy in her own body, and likes to share messages about body positivity on her various social media sites.