The Faithful to Nature Eco Awards are all about acknowledging businesses that are making a difference to the environment and helping the planet, one product at a time.

While we can’t all run eco-friendly companies, the winners gave us a few ideas on how we could all do just a little bit more at home to save the world.

From scientists to everyday people, everyone seems to be worried about climate change and the toll people are taking on the earth. While buying stickers and signing petitions is a step in the right direction, changing your habits and the products you use at home can make a bigger impact on the environment and your health too. The Faithful to Nature Eco Awards have not only highlighted how businesses can make a difference, but also how consumers can make a difference by choosing products that are better for the planet and, importantly, convenient too.

You don’t need a farm to save the bees

If you’ve watched the Dreamworks animation, Bee Movieyou’ll have some idea of what would happen to the world without bees. Without getting into the complicated science, without bees we have no plants and without plants we have nothing.

There has been a growing concern over the survival of bees as pesticide use increases. The Faithful to Nature Eco Award winner in the Best Grassroots Eco Initiative category was The Bee Effect, runs constant awareness campaigns and education drives to help save the bees (and ourselves) through urban bee farming and conscious gardening.

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Plant bee food in your garden for beautiful spring blooms and feed the bees at the same time with this Reel gardening bee food seed collection.

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Eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean compromising on comfort

Plastic is not fantastic, but it’s everywhere because it’s convenient and disposable. Products in glass and tin containers are better for the environment because glass and tin are a better option for reusing and recycling.

The Faithful to Nature Eco Awards winner in the category Best Plastic-Free Brand, Back 2 Nature has a range of products that are good both inside and out. Skincare products made of natural ingredients that are better for your health in packaging that is better for your environment? We love it!

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Vegans aren’t just picky eaters

Jay-Z and Beyonce are possibly the most famous vegans in the world (for the next few weeks at least) and while you may be rolling your eyes at yet another fad diet, vegans do have less of a negative impact on the planet. Although it would be impossible to convince everyone to go completely vegan, we can all fit in a few vegan meals and snacks that will make a difference.

It does help of course that vegan food can also be healthy, nutrient-packed, but most importantly delicious. The Faithful to Nature Eco Awards winner for the Best Vegan Product, Antonia’s, is proof.

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