There are still good men around and true love does exist!

Love (and life!) is such a complicated thing, right? Many of us have to bump our heads and have our hearts broken a few times before we learn how to navigate our way through a sea of often ‘rotten fish’. Sometimes, even the nicest most stunning women seem to attract men whose intentions are not the best. Others simply crave the excitement and drama that comes with dating ‘bad boys’.

But, going on my own personal experiences, and seeing the lives and relationships of close friends evolve over time, I know for sure that there are still loads of really good men in this world. Sure, they probably won’t tick every one of your boxes but given the opportunity, would treat the woman in their life like absolute gold.

If you are currently single and feel like the dating circuit has become a joke with all the clowns you’re encountering, take a step back and re-look at those ‘all important’ boxes that need to be ticked. In the long run a good, kind heart trumps a bulging bank account and biceps!

Getting the whole package is rare… very rare. Maybe you need to let go of your fairytale fantasy and date outside your comfort zone?

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