Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has once again found himself at the centre of controversy after he was lambasted for sharing pictures of himself with old apartheid flags

Even though Steve has on numerous occasions been labelled “racist” for his right-wing antics, he has remained undeterred.

Taking to Twitter over the weekend, Steve shared selfies of himself at an unidentified pub that proudly displayed the apartheid flag.

“Good rains. Found a waterproof roof. Mooi ne,” he captioned the snap.

Despite receiving major backlash, Steve told TshisaLIVE that the only thing wrong with the pic was that it didn’t include a beer.

He said that the picture was a depiction of “freedom of expression” and hit back at the criticism.

“(It’s the) same bigotry as always. This is South Africa’s way of denying the rot under the new flag,” Steve told the publication.

Social media users were fuming over Steve’s latest display of “racism” and slammed him hard.