Starting a herb garden is easier than you think. Adding colour to your garden and flavour to your plate, here are our top 5 essential herbs to grow this summer:

By Cath Jenkin

Seasonal eating

Before you start plotting your summer herb planting schedule, keep in mind that adjusting your family’s meals in accordance with the season can be useful. Adopting a seasonal eating approach will mean it’s easier to find ingredients you need for those family favourite dishes, and it’ll help you manage your grocery budget more effectively too.

That same approach can be applied to your vegetable patch and herb garden at home, so plant herbs now, with a view to adding their flavours to your plate in the coming months.

Space hacks for herbs

You might not have a large garden, or you may live in an apartment block, but don’t let that stop you from starting a herb garden. We created a helpful guide for growing vegetables and herbs in your apartment, and it’s a little easier on your space restrictions if you create a vertical garden. Don’t forget – herbs need sunshine, so get those hanging baskets or build a beautiful window box for your basil and accompanying herb friends.

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Our best, basil

It’s one of the most versatile herbs you can use for almost every family meal, and it’s ever so easy to grow! Whipping up a quick pesto, or stirring a little Basil into a salad, is so much easier when you can just pick it fresh from your garden. Summer is a great time to add Basil to your herb garden.

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Chomping on chives

Chives flourish in the summer sunshine, but they need constant watering. Check the soil moisture on a regular basis, and most especially on the hot summer days ahead. When harvested, chives can easily be frozen, so you can ensure you’re well stocked for the months ahead.

Twist with tarragon

It’s not possible to grow French Tarragon from seed, so you’ll need to purchase a plant or ask a friend for a cutting from theirs. French Tarragon is best for cooking, and matches well with French cuisine or chicken dishes.

Make it great with mint

Mint goes well with just about everything, from pasta to ice-cream, and everything in-between. It’s relatively simple to grow, with minimal fuss required. You should, however, keep an eye on its position in your herb garden: make sure your mint gets good sunshine, because too much shade and moisture will make it susceptible to mildew. Mint makes your garden smell great and, if you’re feeling really adventurous, let it grow – mint makes for a fragrant ground cover too.

Summer thyme

Thyme is a wonderfully aromatic herb that grows well in full sunshine. When it flowers, Thyme produces beautiful flowers, that range in colour from pink to purple. Lemon Thyme can be used as a mosquito repellant, so it’s not just useful for cooking! Adding a twist of Thyme to almost any meal is a must.

Get gardening

Grab those gardening gloves, and get started! For more advice on how to start a herb garden, or make excellent use of the space you have available, explore our advice centre.

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