If you’re a traveller, you’ll enjoy exploring everything a country has to offer – from its unique architecture, landscapes and people to its incredible food…

We’ve gone exploring, and we’ve found some of the most iconic street food from around the world. From Canadian poutine (French fries, cheese curds & brown gravy) to baklava! Take a look at the video above – which of these is your favourite street food?


1.      Churros

Crunchy, deep fried doughy sweet treats found on the streets of Spain!


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2.      Pad Thai

To build independence from China in the 1930s the Thai government held a contest to find a new national dish. They selected Pad Thai – a mix of rice noodles, tofu and egg with a fish and tamarind pulp based sauce.

Chicken Pad Thai recipe

3.      Halo-halo

A mix of shaved ice, ice cream, evaporated milk and sweet toppings. This multi-coloured Filipino dessert is a real treat, and something completely different from the conventional ice-cream and chocolate sauce!


4.      Falafel

Found throughout the Middle East, falafel is made from a mix of ground chickpeas. These delicious little fried balls go well in wraps with tzatziki. A tasty, filling treat.

For a healthier option, try the baked falafel recipe below:

Homemade Baked Chickpea Falafel recipe


5.      Crêpes

An extremely thin pancake which originated in Brittany, France. Best served with a simple strawberries and cream topping. A sophisticated dessert which won’t disappoint.

Simple Crepes recipe


6.      Poutine

A combination of French fries, cheese curds & brown gravy. This dish from Quebec in Canada might not sound appetising, but it is actually delicious, and a great comfort food for those cold winter evenings!


7.      Bánh mì

This sandwich is a fusion of ingredients from Vietnamese and French cuisine. It is a baguette, split lengthwise and filled with various savoury ingredients.


8.      Pasteis de Nata

Portuguese custard tarts – small, flaky with a sprinkle of cinnamon. They date back to the 18th century where they were originally baked by monks. They are an absolutely delicious sweet treat!

Portuguese Custard Tarts recipe

9.      Jerk Chicken

A traditional Jamaican cooking style involving marinating meats in a Jamaican spice mixture.

Grilled Not-Too-Spicy Jerk Chicken recipe

10.     Baklava

Created in 8th century BCE, it’s no wonder that this delicious dessert has survived through the ages. Who doesn’t love filo pastry filled with nuts and honey?!

Baklava recipe


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