This list of must-have beauty products that all make-up artists rely on is worth bookmarking…

Ever wonder which make-up items the pros would be lost without?

Well, us too, which is why we decided to do some hard-core investigating and find out which are the must-have beauty products that no make-up artist would ever leave out of their kit…

1. Primer

Yes, it might seem like an extra step in your routine, but any make-up artist will tell you that it doesn’t matter what make-up products you use, if you haven’t primed, they’re never going to work as well as they could.

Bottom line: primer is like good underwear – it keeps everything in place, and makes what’s on the top look that much better.

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2. Beauty blender

If you don’t know what a Beauty Blender is by now, read this. This make-up applicator is loved by everyone from make-up artists to beauty bloggers and beauty editors, as they all swear by its flawless application and the lack of product wastage.

3. Tinted lip balm

You’ve probably got a few of these (one forgotten at the bottom of every handbag if you’re anything like us!), but this little product is more useful than we give it credit for. Not only are chapped lips all kinds of yuck, but being able to have a sheer touch of colour and a sheen on your lips lets you look ‘done’ in 30 seconds.

A swish of this over your lipstick will make it last longer and give it a fab, glossy finish. Plus, some lip balms can even be used as blush. Dab some on your finger, then apply to your cheeks – voila, instant colour that won’t dry out your skin.

4. Brow gel

Everyone is after perfect brows these days, but that means you’ve got to put in the work. Just as you would brush and style your hair, you need to tame those unruly brow hairs to get them looking on fleek (are we still saying that?!), and a brow gel will soon become your BFF. No make-up artist would be caught dead without it, and neither should you!

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5. Setting spray or powder

The secret to celebs managing to keep their make-up in place while dancing around a stage or standing in the heat on the red carpet is a good setting spray or setting powder, so why don’t we do ourselves the same favour?

A setting spray keeps your make-up in place all day long, with the benefit of a hydrating boost. Give it a try on a special occasion – you won’t regret it.

6. Mascara

Just about every make-up artist will agree that when you have limited time to throw on your face, a lick of mascara will do a world of wonders, so if there’s one thing to always have in your make-up bag, it’s a good mascara.

The good news is that you don’t have to splurge on this one, and a consistent cult fave is Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (yip, that green and pink one). It’s super affordable and a favourite for a reason.

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7. Coral lipstick

We all know the wonders a bit of lipstick can do for your face and your self-confidence, and coral is the pros go-to colour because it suits a wide range of skin tones, can be worn day or night and for any occasion, and always looks fresh and fabulous.

Be like the pros and make sure you’ve got your own coral lippie ready to go when you need it.