If it’s make-up inspiration you’re after, these beauty bloggers should be at the top of your ‘follow’ list…

We’re always on the lookout for some make-up inspiration – and inspo that comes in the form of tutorials is super welcome.

It’s great to see pics of celebs, but these days, there are so many vlogs (that’s a video blog in case you don’t know), blogs and tutorials by beauty influencers, that there’s inspiration wherever you look. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite beauty influencers who we regularly turn to in the hopes that you will feel as inspired and entertained as we do every time we watch one of their vlogs or read one of their posts… (even though we know our make-up will never ever look quite like theirs!).

Mihlali Ndamase

With over 500 000 Instagram followers and 100 000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, this local gal is influencing up a storm in the beauty world. She’s a certified make-up artist, so you can be sure that Mihlali knows what she’s talking about in her vlogs, which include make-up tutorials, reviews, Q & As, how tos, hacks and amazing giveaways. You won’t be sorry to see this lovely lady popping up on your timeline!


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Nikkie Tutorials

11 million (yes, million!) followers and subscribers on her Instagram page and YouTube channel can’t be wrong! Nikkie is quite arguably the queen of the beauty influencer world. She gained huge popularity with her vlog ‘The Power of Make-up’ (check it out if you haven’t already!) where she only did her make-up on one half of her face, showing the true ability to transform yourself just using make-up. Since then, her videos range from tutorials to holiday make-up to fun challenges, and are always super fun to watch. Do yourself a favour and subscribe away!

Rushana Isaacs

She’s certainly an It Girl in the beauty world and has teamed up with some note-worthy brands, including NYX, Revlon and Inglot. With close to 80 000 Instagram followers and over 60 000 YouTube subscribers, this Cape-Town-based make-up artist has a wide reach, and is known for her super-glam looks and honest reviews.

Kandy Kane

This YouTube channel by a local lady is exactly what you want from a beauty vlog, containing interesting product reviews, useful beauty tips and tricks and tutorials we may actually be able to achieve! The fact that she’s local means all the content is super relevant, and having been featured in numerous recognisable publications, you can be sure she’s an influencer you can rely on.