Fidelity ADT warns that it’s ‘the small things that count’ when it comes to ensuring your security…

Linda Goodenough, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT says that it is often the small details that leave us vulnerable to crime in our homes.

The following trends were observed: 

1.      Front doors and garage doors left open

This is an open invitation to criminals. Most garages have a side door that leads into your house and this can be an obvious weak area. An open garage also gives criminals time to scout for valuable items such as vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, gardening tools and leisure equipment.

Tip: Ensure that all doors visible from the street are kept closed at all times.

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2.     Dustbin day is a weekly routine for most homeowners

Leaving dustbins out the day before collection encourages dustbin diggers the day and night before.

Tip: Only take your dustbin out the day of collection and on the day, ensure that you close the gate immediately behind you when doing this weekly routine. You never know who is watching.

Only take your dustbin out the day of collection

3.      Leaving garden equipment on the pavement

We observed on three occasions gardeners leaving the gardening equipment on the side walk while they were at the back of the premises to fetch something, or out to lunch.

Tip: Remind all domestic and gardening staff about safety and the importance of remaining vigilant at all times.

4.      Leaving curtains open at night

It is so important to close curtains at night.  Many homes are visible from the street giving criminals a good look at what potential assets are in the home.

Tip: Always close all curtains as soon as you need to put inside lights on.

Always close all curtains as soon as you need to put inside lights on.

5.      Distracted when you arrive home

When you arrive home it is important that you are not distracted by social media or your radio when you approach your driveway. You need to be especially aware of driveway robberies.

Tip: Remove all distractions as soon as you turn into your road.

6.      Not checking your gate is closed when leaving home

Tip: When you leave, just wait a minute or two to see that your automatic gate has closed behind you and that nobody has run in whilst the gate is busy closing.

“These simple safeguards can make all the difference. Criminals know the tricks of their trade so it makes good sense to avoid the small things that can so easily trip us up,” concludes Goodenough.



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