Lily Collins was “taunted” by haunting “visions” while preparing for her role in the new film about serial killer Ted Bundy

The 29-year-old actress stars alongside Zac Efron in the upcoming horror flick Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile as Ted’s girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, who testified on behalf of her murderous lover who charmed his 30 or more female victims before killing them in the 1970s.

Although the Love, Rosie star avoided looking at gruesome case images for research – as her character believed that Ted was innocent – Lily has admitted that she was tormented “every single night” for a month with visions of “rooms, logs, and broken glass”.

In an interview with Collider, she said: “I actually had an awful time in prep for it; I woke up every single night at 3 or 4 am for a month. I was woken up with visions of destruction around rooms, logs, and broken glass.

“There was never anyone in the actual dreams, according to the star but, every night at the same exact time I would have these flashes of visions. I was just taunted, it was daunting for me. I was visited every night.”

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The To the Bone actress – who is the daughter of Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman – went on to explain that her mother believed that it could be the ghost of the serial killer, who is played by Zac in the movie, trying to contact her

She said: “I told my mom that I had been woken up by all these images and I said ‘There’s probably so many people trying to get in there right now that are no longer here’, and she’s like, ‘I mean it could be Ted’.”

Author: BANG Showbiz