A big part of weight loss is about burning more calories than you consume…

Since most of us have fairly sedentary lives, and most of our days are spent behind a desk, it’s important that we boost our overall health, fitness, and calorie-burning through strenuous exercise.

But the thought of running on a treadmill for half an hour, or doing other types of conventional exercise can put us off! So are there ways to burn calories that aren’t mind-numbingly boring? Are there ways to actually add some ‘fun’ to our sweat sessions?


Burning calories doesn’t have to be boring! Here are five ‘alternative’ yet effective exercise options to consider:

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1.     Ballet barre

Don’t laugh… Ballet is TOUGH. Ever wonder why top ballerinas are in such great shape?

A ballet barre class will get you fit while you get flexible, and improve your strength too. Plus it is scalable, so it gets tougher as you get better at it, so there’s always room to improve, and continue benefitting from the exercise.


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