Finally – it’s the time-saving, budget-friendly news we’ve all been waiting to hear: dark roots are all the rage in the hair world.

Yes, that is a collective sigh of relief all over the country that you are now hearing! No longer do you need to be stressing about that regrowth, because if celebs are happy to rock those roots on red carpets and stages in front of millions of people, you can most certainly show off yours in the office with all kinds of confidence. Following the ombre and ballayage techniques that have been trending up a storm, this step was bound to happen, so here’s how to let those dark roots shine through with the intention they deserve…

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Natural roots

Most natural blondes appear to have a slightly darker shade of blonde at their roots, so if you’re wanting the look to be as natural as possible, or if you’re blond but want to lift your colour a bit, leave a couple of centimetres at the roots and the look will be super natural. If the colour of your natural hair is too dark, ask your stylist to go for a darker shade of blonde at the roots, lessening the difference and creating a gentle transition.

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Extreme roots

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find a major contrast between the root and hair colour. This is perfect for those who need to give their hair a bit of a break from all the bleach, or who want to wear a blonde wig or weave while still flattering their skintone. If anything, it will look more like you’ve gone for a drastic ombre… trendy!

Shadow roots

Somewhere between the above two, you’ll find this version, which is less harsh than your extreme dark roots, but doesn’t try to look as natural as the first one. With this style, you’re basically owning the fact that you dye your hair, allowing the natural colour to purposefully shine through and giving you more time between hair appointments… which is ultimately way better for your hair anyway! Embrace those roots, we say.

Colourful roots

OK, technically the colourful part comes from the hair, but we’re here to show you that this doesn’t only apply to those with darker hair wanting to go the blonder route. This works for all hair colours, and is perfect for those brave enough to have some fun with the trend, and embrace any colour of the rainbow.

Whether it’s pink, purple, red or blue hair you’re after, leaving dark roots will actually make the technique look more stylish and less like you’re wearing a wig. The length of the roots is completely up to you, but this is a perfect way to play with colour without it washing you out. Winning!

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