New hair, new you – right? If you’ve had the same style for years, it’s definitely time to mix it up…

We know it can be scary to try a new hairstyle, so hopefully this article is the inspiration you need to go for it!

Reason 1: To avoid an intervention

I remember my very first visit to Shelene at Tanaz six years ago. I was delirious with excitement to have my hair colour corrected – an unintentional shade of muddy pumpkin soup at the time – but Shelene kept picking up bits of my elbow-length hair and inspecting it.

Eventually she politely asked me whether I would like to have a cut as well. When I reiterated that I’m there for a colour correction she gently reassured me that it’s perfectly ok to have long hair, but if I want a hairstyle I’d have to chop off a chunk. I’ve never had curtains for hair again and I haven’t regretted it once.

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Reason 2: To save time and money

With colour techniques like balayage, you can stretch salon visits from 4-6 weeks to 4-6 months. I don’t know about you, but my Saturday mornings and cash are almost equally valuable to me. I went from colouring my hair once a month to having balayage highlights touched up every four months or so.

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Ask your hairdresser what they can do to change up your usual colour and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save.

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Reason 3: To make your life easier

I have a couple of friends that spend a minimum of half an hour blow-drying and straightening their hair into submission every single morning. While I lucked out in this department, I can’t imagine adding that extra time and hassle if there are easy solutions like keratin straightening available.

They’ve come a long way since they were first introduced, so if you’ve heard horror stories ask your stylist about eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free options that aren’t harmful to your health.

And if you don’t want to go for such a dramatic solution, a professional treatment will also do wonders if your hair is on the frizzy side.

Reason 4: To boost your confidence

A friend’s mom has been self-conscious about her thinning hair for years, and recently took the plunge and bought herself a wig. She now struts around like a supermodel, and has to fend off compliments left, right and centre.

If you’re considering a wig, always buy the best human hair wig you can afford, and ensure you know how to take care of it. Good wigs can also be styled, cut, and coloured; so you can switch it up when you’re ready for a change.

Reason 5: Because you don’t want to be that tannie

We all know someone who has had the same, often unflattering, hairstyle for absolutely forever. Unfortunately you don’t have to be old for this to happen – I have had friends in their early thirties with the ‘I’d like to speak to the manager’ hairstyle – complete with chunky highlights, of course – for the last 10 years (yes, I do live in Pretoria).

Give yourself a good look in the mirror, and ask one or two of your brutally honest friends how they would have your hair cut and coloured if they had free reign. You don’t have to blindly follow their suggestions, but at least consider it.

Reason 6: Why not?

If you do change your hair and you don’t love it, what’s the worst that can happen? Hair grows back and colour can be changed. What do you have to lose?

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