There might be love in the air, but in winter there is also a chill. And whilst it is romantic to cuddle up to your partner in the cold weather, attending a winter wedding can be a little bit tricky.

This is especially true if you are not sure what to wear to a winter wedding. The wedding invite will give you an inkling of whether the wedding dress code calls for casual or formal wedding attire, but some wedding guest dresses might not fit the (chilly) bill.

You should look for wedding attire that is suited for cold weather. This could mean looking for a floor-length gown with long sleeves to keep you warm and comfortable or investing in thick stockings and a pretty winter shawl.

But, if a cooler climate is leaving you confused about how to dress for a wedding, below are some top tips you can follow to find the perfect wedding guest attire:

Look for long sleeves

Whether the event is formal, casual or black-tie-optional, a long-sleeved dress should be your go-to option. This will allow you to still wear a dress but also keep out the cold while watching the nuptials. You could also dress up a cocktail dress with a blazer and stockings if you cannot find a winter dress in time.

Long-sleeved dresses can also be elegant and chic, and are experiencing an increase in popularity. Look for wintery colours, such as burgundy, navy, charcoal and even burnt orange.

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Not only will these make you look warm, but these colours can also help you feel warmer too.  Longer sleeves will ensure that you are warm and comfortable while still looking gorgeous. Just be sure that you never wear white to a wedding, even if it is winter-wonderland themed.

Pick up a pantsuit

A pantsuit might be something that you have relegated to businesswear, but a tailored and jewel-toned pantsuit is the perfect choice for a wintery event. You can choose a stunning pantsuit in a rich velvet to keep you extra warm and looking absolutely glamorous at the same time.

Be sure that it fits your body perfectly so you do not look as though you are drowning in your jacket or trousers. Cigarette style trousers, or thin and tailored trousers, are a major trend with pantsuits, so look for this style when shopping for your wedding outfit. If you are not a fan of heavy colours, look for light colours that are still wintery, such as dove grey, coral and lavender. A pantsuit paired with heeled ankle boots and a pussy-bow blouse is the perfect combination of fun and elegance for a wedding.

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Create a look with a coat

Coats are a winter staple, and they can be worn to a wedding if you style them in the right way. Start with a neutral colour like black or grey, and build your outfit from this. A coat will not only keep you warm, it will also make you look put together and stylish with very little effort.

Be sure that your coat is tailored to fit your body, as this will make it more suitable for a formal function. If you have a colour scheme to follow according to the wedding invitation, use your coat as a blank canvas and wear the colours underneath it. For example, you can wear a charcoal coat paired with a burgundy dress or jumpsuit if the colour is burgundy, or wear a black coat over a jewel-toned emerald blouse and black pants combination for a green-themed winter wedding.

Be vigorous with velvet

Velvet is a perfect fabric choice for winter weather. It will keep you warm and it will make you look and feel opulent. Choose jewel-tones and warm colours to keep the look perfect for winter. You can incorporate velvet by choosing a velvet dress or a jumpsuit. Or choose a richly coloured velvet shawl if the weather is mild.

You could look for a velvet mini dress and pair it with thick tights and heeled boots to keep warm, but ensure that the length of the dress is appropriate for a wedding. Velvet trousers paired with a long-sleeved chiffon blouse is another bold look that you can try. Add touches of gold and silver for extra drama, but try not to outshine the bride in any way.

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Warm up for wedding fun

A winter wedding might sound like a chilly affair, but with the right attire, you can look and feel fabulous. Look for dresses with long sleeves to keep you warm, and opt for floor-length gowns if it is a formal affair. A velvet pantsuit will give you just the right amount of cosiness and drama, while a coat can complement any outfit. Look for velvety textures for glamour and be sure to add some bling for fun.