Forget about fancy creams and treatments that cost a fortune – Zodwa Wabantu is here to show you how you can get rid of dark spots on your inner-thighs

Everyone knows that Zodwa isn’t shy to show her body and wears outfits where most of her body is exposed.

So women noticed that Zodwa’s thighs were smooth and free of any dark spots and began asking her for her secret.

After being inundated with questions, Zodwa decided to start a series of videos to help women get rid of their insecurities.

The first issue she tackled was those dark spots or “kiwi” but you won’t believe what Zodwa uses.

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In a video shared on Instagram, Zodwa told fans that she uses methylated spirits which she puts onto a dry towel and then wipes her thighs every day

The comments section of the post was lit with other women vouching for the method.

“It also helps with the cellulite. Mixing it with your lotion and magnolia tissue oil,” wrote one user.

Another user said that she mixes it with glycerin.

“For the ladies who complain about burning or sensitive skin. You can mix with glycerin, the process is even faster. I am mixing mine and it works wonders. Sensitive skin, if you can’t stand it leave it, neh. Zodwa was just advising.”


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Ladies you’ve been asking why I don’t have Kiwi between my Thigh’s. Well that’s my Kasi Treatment,Remedy🤝🤘

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Zodwa Wabantu for Women President 🤘🙌🙌🙌👑

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