In South Africa, we rely heavily on our cars to help us make the most of life. If you headed out on holiday with your car last month, however, it’s time to give your wheels a little love and care as you head back to the daily grind of work and play…

Check the basics

The New Year is a great time to check the tread on your tyres, consider having them rebalanced, and make sure there’s no slow punctures or bald patches that could cramp your style. Pop the hood and check the oil, power steering/ABS reservoirs and other fluids. Is it time for a brake change yet?

Obviously, if you have had a ‘check engine’ light lighting up, it’s time to get serious. No more prevaricating!

Give your car the once over

You probably don’t have the skills to do a basic service yourself – but don’t worry, a good mechanic shouldn’t charge too much to give your car the once over, change the filters and get it back into tip-top shape.

Get sparkling

You’re probably feeling a little dull about heading back to work – so why not treat your car to a deep clean and pep your emotions up a little? There’s nothing like having a fresh ride to make you feel better. Add an air freshener for some calming vibes and you’re all set!

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Keep your car running smoothly, and it will reward you with a smooth ride for many years.