A great lawn is undoubtedly one of the best features a garden can have – yet it’s also the most water hungry. With drought nipping at our heels every summer, it can be difficult to find the right balance, but these great tips will help you…

Start with a good mix

Getting the right type of grass will have a profound effect on your water bill down the line. Opt for drought-hardy mixes that can take a beating from the sun and still look great. Take the time to enrich the soil, too – a healthy soil helps the grass grow into strong plants, and strong plants need less care and can resist weeds, droughts and pests better.

Know how to water

You want your lawn to grow deep roots, too. It’s better to water for longer, less often, than a light watering daily. This allows the roots to grow down, resulting in stronger plants that can tolerate higher heats.

Water in the morning if possible, as this prevents water loss through evaporation and prevents ‘leaf burn’ caused when strong sunlight is magnified through water drops.

You can also opt to water in the evening, but if the water doesn’t have time to soak in before nightfall, this can encourage bacterial growth.

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Go natural

Natural fertilisers like grass clippings and compost tend to be a better option than pellet fertilizers for lawns. They encourage slower, deeper growth that’s more sustainable and drought hardy.

Some lawn-care experts advise not watering your lawn until you see signs of water-stress like rolled leaves and lack of spring. Whether you opt for this tip or not is up to you, however. With these other strategies under your belt, you can have a water-wise, healthy lawn to enjoy all summer long.