If you’re struggling to keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered, here are some expert tips for an organised kitchen…

It’s the most used area in the home, which is no wonder that it can become the messiest. While daily cleaning is essential, creating an organised kitchen is key to making a kitchen easier to use and tidy up.

In the following video, Kay, a professional home organiser from ‘The Organised Soprano’, shares her top 10 tips for setting up an organised kitchen.

Watch this


The take-home tips

  1. Keep things close to where you usually use them
  2. Use drawer organisers to keep drawers in order
  3. Keep food storage containers and lids together
  4. Use command hooks on appliances to keep the cords neat
  5. Create like-item zones in food cupboards
  6. Keep items you don’t use often up high
  7. Use the drawer under your oven
  8. Add a lazy Susan or two to your cupboards
  9. Create a weekly meal plan
  10. Use labels to encourage everyone who uses the kitchen to put things back in the right place


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