Aside from taking medication for hair loss, here are some other options:
You can shave your hair off, or keep your hair short or perm it – both of these give the appearance of fuller hair.
You can wear a hairpiece to cover bald spots. Hairpieces can last 4 – 5 years.
Concealer applied to the scalp can decrease the contrast between scalp and hair.
Surgical options:
Hair Transplants – tiny plugs of hair from the back or side of your scalp are transplanted to bald spots. This can take several months.
Scalp Reduction – the skin on your head is stretched and surgically removed. The hairy areas on the sides of the head are stretched over and sewn together. Sometimes the forehead is lifted slightly as well, removing wrinkles and loose skin.
Tissue Expansion – tiny balloons are implanted on the scalp between hairy areas. This makes the bald patches up to one-third larger. They are then removed using scalp reduction, and the sides pulled to the top of the head.
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