Gratitude is the key that opens the gateway to the heart. Inside that heart there is love. It is love that window washes the mind and allows it to become inspired and fully present, and our mind energises our body enabling us to be more active and vitally alive.

Those who count their blessings, who are truly grateful, have more blessings to count. They are more fulfilled in life than those who do not.

This is a simple principle, yet it has the power to change lives.

We are built on universal principles, and the universe behaves like us on a grander scale

If you were to give someone a gift and they just looked at it and then tossed it aside without thanks, would you be inclined to give them another? Of course not.

The universe responds just as you do. The universe bestows its gifts where they are most appreciated. If you’re not grateful for what you’ve been given, why would the universe want to give you more?”

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Many people confuse gratitude with elation

They think that when they’re elated about some event and go, “Oh, I’m so thankful for that!” that they are being grateful. But true gratitude actually has little to do with those temporary moments of happiness or elation.

True gratitude is a quiet state of poise and inner calm where you are truly thankful, where you sense the Divine order and wouldn’t want anything to change.

Gratitude is a true prayer of thanksgiving. But there are two types of thanksgiving and they are both very different.

True gratitude is a quiet state of poise and inner calm where you are truly thankful, where you sense the Divine order and wouldn’t want anything to change

The first type of thanksgiving is often false

It arises when you are dissatisfied with life. It is represented by, “Oh god/universe/world, everything is all messed up. Please fix it!”

The second type of thanksgiving is real

It arises when you are truly thankful for what has already been given. With this type of thanksgiving you recognise the order and perfection of what is. As a result you receive ever more ‘gifts’. To those who ‘have’ (gratitude) more is given. To those who ‘have not’ (ingratitude) more is taken away.

When ‘gifts’ are taken away as a result of ingratitude, it helps us to wake up to the importance of being grateful.

5 Tips on how to show gratitude

1. Say ‘Thank you’ – there is no limit to how many times you can thank a person, including yourself, and while it may only be two simple words, their meaning is universal and their effects can be profound.

2. Write a special note – Sometimes our best thoughts and ideas are those we do not try to edit, so let the message you write come to you in the moment. There is no need for the words to make sense to anyone else but the person for whom it is intended.

3. Treat yourself – the greatest relationship we will ever have is with ourselves, and it is wise to take the time to show ourselves that we are grateful for who we are and what we choose to be. How you treat yourself all depends on what you like, for some there would be nothing better than a treatment at their favourite spa, for others a new computer will do the trick.

Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are. If you get a gift that really speaks to their values, it is likely to be remembered forever

4. Smile – a smile can be contagious if it comes from the heart and often tells a person so much more than what words can say. Giving the gift of a smile can be a great way to show that you are grateful.

5. Give a gift that counts – the power of a gift when it comes to being a token of gratitude is ultimately the thought that goes into it. Take the time to really look at who the gift is intended for and what they value most in life.

Living through gratitude will awaken your heart and equilibrate your emotions allowing you to become inspired and always enthused by your life.

I’m grateful for the work that I do, for the constant opportunity to travel and share in other people’s personal stories, the chance to help them see the order in their perceived chaos and for the magnificence of a universe we all call home.”