If there’s anything we’ve learned from Instagram, it’s that beauty comes in all kinds of packages. And South Africa’s lingerie campaigns are starting to show it.

For centuries women have fought their own bodies, removed ribs, lightened their skin, darkened their skin and literally risked their lives to achieve an exclusive standard of beauty which singles out a few and rejects the majority of women. Thank goodness those days are over and nothing signals the end of the bad-old-days like the latest wave of inclusive lingerie campaigns from all over the world, including South Africa.

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It’s not a plus size campaign, it’s an inclusive campaign

While we are still on the cautious side of the spectrum; South African lingerie campaigns are becoming more inclusive and dare we say, real. Almost a year ago Jet launched their Love yourself campaign, featuring women of all shapes and sizes. The inclusive lingerie campaign enjoyed massive public support and showcased the retailer’s vast range of sizes, colours and styles designed to suit women of different sizes and body types.

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Seeing women like us in clothes that we like

Woolworths recently launched their #ownyourfit campaign, which was the most inclusive underwear campaign the retailer has ever done.

We’ve come a long way from our single vision of beauty, but South African retailers (especially in the intimate wear sections) have a long way to go with regards to inclusion. Outside of race and size, we are only scraping the surface of diversity. Many brands gear their campaigns towards including plus size women with model proportions but #ownyourfit was a more inclusive campaign. The campaign featured women of various heights and body shapes.

Inclusive lingerie campaigns are a global movement

American clothing and lingerie brand Aerie launched a campaign featuring differently-abled women. This campaign is just one of many featuring models who look just like us everyday woman. Aerie is popular for their realistic models complete with tattoos and tummies that naturally form rolls.

The power of a hashtag

Global movements like #saggyboobsmatter and #effyourbeautystandards have highlighted the global need for more relatable fashion and beauty campaigns and as the law of supply and demand would go, we should be in for a reality explosion. South Africa may still have a long way to go, but our fashion industry has definitely made strides. We now have more types of women representing big brands than ever before.