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The Russian capital develops an exceptional splendour in winter, from the snow-covered Kremlin to illuminated boulevards, ice floes on the Moskva River and skaters in Gorky Park…

Russia is the largest country in the world by area – covering one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land mass! So there is quite a lot to be explored. There are over 160 different ethnic groups in Russia from Turkic Muslims to Buddhists and Shamanistic people – the cultural diversity is remarkable.

Visitors to Russia will be wowed by the exquisite handicrafts which are an integral part of Russian folk culture. Tourists can take a piece of Russia home with them when they visit the markets and purchase some of the stunning crafts.

A popular dish in Russia is chicken Kiev. Stuffed cabbage rolls filled with meat, and a wide variety of seafood is also popular.

The country’s rich history and focus on tourism makes it an ideal destination to add to your bucket list. And if you’re really up for an adventure, why not visit Russia in winter?!

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Why winter?

Here are 5 reasons why you MUST visit Moscow in winter:

1.     No long queues of tourists!

Most tourists visit Russia during the summer months, but the majority of the attractions are still open in winter where you’ll be able to have a front-row seat and take some unique photographs!

2.     Visit the GUM department store on Red Square

If you want to have a break from the chilly winter weather, why not stroll around the GUM department store. The exquisite building has been standing since the late 1800s and currently functions as a shopping mall.



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3.     Take a trip up the Moscow River on an ice-breaker ship

These are the only vessels that are able to make their way through the icy river during winter, but they offer a very unique experience, and an alternative perspective on the city!

4.     The night life is vibrant!

Join over 15 000 people who flock to Gorky Park every evening to visit one of the world’s largest ice rinks. Enjoy some warm beverages, and the jovial atmosphere created by tourists and locals alike.

5.     Don’t forget the fairy lights!

Over 80 kilometres of fairy lights illuminate the Russian capital. The spectacular designs and mesmerising displays will leave you in awe. A truly magical atmosphere.




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