Cleaning your home is a must, but if you’re doing it wrong you’re wasting time, and money for that matter…

How many of these bad cleaning habits do you need to break now?

Paper clutter

The keyword here is “filing”. Paper clutter is one of those things that we see in most homes, regardless of the increase of online banking and billing. For some reason, unopened marketing mail, pamphlets, retail slips and magazines end up on the same pile in your home, right? Well we say no more!

Get a proper filing system in place, organise important documents and recycle the rest. Our best tip for staying on top of paper clutter is to file your papers as soon as you get them.

Too much of a good thing

Cleaning products (like laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid) should be used sparingly. Too much of a good thing, in this case, is no good. Using more than necessary will mean you spend more money on products and more time rinsing off soap and detergents (and using precious water we might add).

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What’s more, if you leave a film of cleaning product on counters and table tops, they become dirt magnets, meaning you’ll spend more time, *clears throat*, cleaning.

Pack it in

If you have a dishwasher there’s no excuse for leaving dirty dishes in the sink – whether they’re soaking in water or not. Pack them away immediately to avoid insects (like cockroaches) becoming unwanted house mates. If you share your home with others, make sure they’re trained to either pack away dishes or wash them immediately.

It’s all about the tools

The tools you use to clean should really be as clean as you want your home to be. Think about it, a grimy mop simply pushes around bacteria while a smelly washing machine will transfer yucky smells onto your clothing. Similarly, make sure your vacuum cleaner bag is often replaced, otherwise you’ll be left blowing more dust into your home than vacuuming it up.

Leave the dirt outside

The “no-shoes-inside-the-house” policy might sound a bit excessive, but trust us, it makes all the sense. In fact, wearing shoes in your home is downright nasty. A University of Arizona study found, on average, 421,000 different bacteria on shoes. Not yet convinced? E. coli was detected on 27% of the shoes, as well as other kinds of bacteria, including Klebsiella pneumonia, known to cause bloodstream infections and pneumonia, and Serratia ficaria, a cause of infections in the respiratory tract and wounds. We’ll leave it there.

Same same, but different

Use different cloths for different surfaces and rooms. Surely you don’t want to clean your kitchen counter with the same cloth used to wipe the toilet. Am I right? We know it’s easier to grab one cloth and disinfectant and move from room to room but getting into the habit of using a proper cleaning system will ensure a more hygienic home.

Doing it all at once

We’re all about dedicating one day (or two, if you must) a week to cleaning, but there’s no need to overwhelm yourself. Clean as you go, day by day, and when the time comes you’ll have much less to focus on.

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