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 “The Little Things That Make a Big Difference” is an article series outlining weight loss and diet interventions that may seem insignificant, but can make a huge difference to the success of your diet plan.

Black Coffee

People can be pretty ‘childish’ when it comes to deciding what they WANT to eat. “I don’t eat this, I don’t like it” is a very common phrase.

The sad thing is that many of the things people don’t like (based on childhood memories of mushy peas or soggy cauliflower) are also incredibly good for you.

Just imagine: A world where you didn’t have to take horrible tasting medicines, or endure horrible operations because your body was actually healthy…

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Your body CAN be more healthy if you just buckle down and eat the things you don’t necessarily LOVE the taste of. And don’t let past experiences with foods stop you from trying them again. Look for a really good recipe online, and make a meal using that recipe rather than ‘making it up as you go along’. Chances are, you’ll end up liking broccoli, carrots, and fish if it’s cooked well! I challenge you to broaden your food experiences in 2019, and make a concerted effort to try to eat foods you THINK you don’t like… you never know, you might find that your tastes (and cooking skills) have greatly improved!

Spicy Paneer & Broccoli recipe


What is the best way to cook spinach?

And how about drinks?

For dieters, black coffee with no sugar is an ideal drink – but most people hate the idea of black coffee so much that they won’t even give it a try

Drinking a cup of black, unsweetened coffee can help you lose more weight, have more energy, eat less food, and feel more alert. All of this at a ‘cost’ of only seven calories. A cup of coffee with milk and sugar does a similar job on some of those scores, but ‘costs’ you around ninety calories.

So the two or three cups you need to get the full benefit are either going to total twenty one calories, or they’re going to be two hundred and fifty (or so). That’s a huge difference, especially over the course of a week.

But what if you don’t like black coffee with no sugar? Teach yourself.

Just like you learned to drink tequila. You are able to learn to enjoy it. Otherwise drink it like medicine. It doesn’t take much effort to down some coffee, and your diet will be better for it.



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