Make 2019 a calm and happy year – and a more organised home – for your whole family by tackling these nine tasks…

Do you want to make 2019 calmer, happier and more fun than 2018?

Silly question, who wouldn’t want every year to be better than the previous one?

One way to do that is to organise your home so that everything, from playing with the kids and daily cleaning to entertaining friends and family, is simpler.

Here are nine things you can do to help simplify and organise your home:

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1. Create a ‘command centre’

Choose a central area in your home – like the side of the kitchen fridge – to create a command centre for your family’s calendar, meal plan and shopping list.

Look for a large calendar with a block for each date where you can write in appointments, schedule workouts and note family birthdays.

Use stick-on vinyl or stick-on chalkboard paper to create a chalkboard shopping list on the side of your fridge. As you notice something needs replacing, write it on the chalkboard. When it’s shopping day, snap a picture of the list with your phone, grab your reusable shopping bags and you’re good to go.

You can add your weekly meal plan to your calendar or use another section of chalkboard stick-on paper for your meal plan.

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