Robert Marawa has caused a stir on social media with a recent video that he uploaded

In the video, a man (surprise surprise) openly questions the effectiveness of feminism as an ideology.

Although the video was not filmed or recorded by Robert himself, the sports anchor did put himself in a position that agreed with all the points made by the video’s protagonist – a Canadian (male) professor by the name of Jordan Peterson.

In the video, Peterson argues that there is no evidence of patriarchy in any modern, western society before arguing that competence, rather than a structural power imbalance, is the reason why many men enjoy privileges for which women (and feminsits) are fighting.

The video is available for streaming on YouTube and ever since it first surfaced in 2018, it has inspired a great deal of debate online. And Robert Marawa decided to bring some of that debate to Mzansi:

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Needless to say, not everybody agreed with the so-called “powerful” arguments for which Robert advocated in the video

The responses were spicy, to say the least:

However, the disagreement wasn’t where it ended. Robert’s critics took it as an opportunity to educate the sports presenter on why feminism is needed in this day and age. Others had already made up their minds and relegated Robert Marawa to the realm of “trash”:

For what it’s worth, Robert’s video had its (male) supporters, while several men also disagreed

While Marawa was enthusiastic in his support of Peterson’s comments, he would do well to note that the Canadian Academic does not have the most sterling reputation in the world.

The viral content creator and author has divided opinion ever since rising to popularity and while he has his support within the male commmunity, his points of view have been described as biased, uninformed and hypermasculine. This is the same person who is quoted as saying:

“You certainly don’t want to socialise little boys to be more like little girls.”

Regardless of this, Robert Marawa is entitled to agree with any ideologies he sees fit. It’s just a pity for those who strive towards gender equality, that these happened to be the views he saw “fit”.