Zoleka Mandela is getting closer and closer to her due date as she prepares to welcome baby number five, but she wants us all to know that there is no sixth baby on the way!

This comes after a lot of speculation suggested that the author and activist is expecting twins. While Zoleka admits that she’s “very big” (adding that she is currently weighing 96,6 kg), she assured her fans that she was only expecting one baby.

The mother of four (soon to be five!) recently informed her fans that she had just undertaken her final ultrasound scan at 36 weeks pregnant. While a scan this late in a pregnancy is not always mandatory, it is often advised for women over the age of 35 in order to ensure that there are no complications (more on that in a moment).

Immediately after this scan, Zoleka assured her friends that #BabyBashala was in good health. However, fans couldn’t help but wonder if there was more than one baby in her womb because of the size and volume of her third-trimester-baby-bump.

After taking notice of this, Zoleka revealed to her fans that she was just “big” and not expecting twins when she said: “I’m not expecting twins at all. I’m just carrying really big. I’m 96,9kgs this week!!! Tjo!!! Mr. Bashala says that my ‘push & pull’ (bump and booty) looks like two pregnant women standing back-to-back!!!”

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She also revealed that her baby is most active in the mornings (and late evening) before giving us a health update:


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Look at my baby looking at what she calls her baby! 😍 This is us at my Prenatal check up a few days ago, my OBGYN is happy with everything to do with Baby Bashala’s progress. There’s a whole lot more that Mr. Bashala and I need to consider with regards to my health but I’ll tell you more about it in my next post. 😬 For now … the kicking in my womb is showing me serious flames, the baby’s most active at 4am, just after 8am and after 9pm. I’m told that I’m feeling the kicks and movements even more because of the spine to spine position – that is when the baby is facing upwards and not downwards as expected in the 3rd trimester. In most cases it would have resulted in a very long labour if not an emergency c-section but in my case, there’s nothing to worry about as I’m scheduled for a c-section. FYI, guys … I’m not expecting TWINS at all, I’m just carrying really BIG. 🤪I’m 96.9kgs this week!!! Tjo!!! Mr. Bashala says that my Push & Pull looks like two pregnant women standing back to back!!! 😂 #BashalaBabyBump #BabyBashala #ZanyiweBashala #LittleMissBashala #PregnantAt38Yrs #PrenatalCheckUp

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Earlier this week, Zoleka Mandela opened up about some of the complications she experienced with her womb and fertility before falling pregnant. At some stage it seemed as if she might not be able to fall pregnant before what she describes as a miracle occurred:


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I weighed 95.9kgs at my last prenatal visit with my OBGYN, you guys!!! 🙈 I had two outings yesterday that left my feet so swollen, they’re so much better now that I’m confined to this bed. My Friend To The End calls my swollen feet amagwinya (fat cakes), mxim!!! 😂 My legs have swallowed my ankles!!! I feel like a fat cake for real, it takes me a good 40mins or so to get dressed because I need to take frequent breaks and I need help with getting up from a couch or bed because I’m insanely made out of CEMENT, Fanta Grape, Palm Oil and Doritos right now!!! 😊 I don’t know how Mr. Bashala manages all this weight on me but he does, he can keep it!!! 🤣 FYI, I’m on medication to prevent the risk of Preeclampsia so the swelling on my legs, feet and fingers is PREGNANCY combined with, “I didn’t have time to lose weight before falling pregnant because I had already gained so much weight from EATING MY FEELINGS!!! 🤪 I’m so tired, guys and still have weeks to go!!! #BashalaBabyBump #BabyBashala #MrsBashala #MrsBashalaInCapeTown

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It looks as if Baby Bashala is due any day now and we will be keeping close tabs on Zoleka Mandela’s Instagram page before he/she arrives!