Dave Grohl fell off the stage during Foo Fighters’ first gig of 2019, after downing Bud Light beer

The Learn to Fly hitmaker was handed a can of the lower-alcohol content beverage by a member of the audience at the US rock band’s concert at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Wednesday, 9 January, and attempted to drink it from the top of a speaker whilst playing the guitar.

The 49-year-old frontman failed, spilling a large quantity of the booze over the electric speaker and then stood to the side to finish the rest of the drink.

On his way back up to the stage, he tripped and fell into the crowd.

He was swiftly picked up by a member of security and carried on playing the rock show like a pro.

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Alongside the footage captured by a fan on Instagram, the attendee named Matthew quipped: “Dave Grohl: likes Bud Light, hates gravity (sic).”

The former Nirvana drummer was forced to pull his band’s headlining set at Glastonbury in 2015 – with Florence + The Machine stepping in for the slot at the music extravaganza in Somerset, England – after breaking his leg on stage at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden.

And last year, Dave decided to hire a stuntman to pretend to be him at their first show back at the same venue to reenact his serious face-plant

Dave also nearly injured himself again, last May, at Welcome to Rockville in Florida, but he laughed off his trip and joked that he knows he’s played a “great show” when he comes close to hurting himself.

He told the crowd: “I almost broke my f***ing leg over there.

“Here’s the way I look at it, when you get that close to breaking your f***ing leg, that means it’s a great show.”

However, it hasn’t always been a light-hearted matter, as the daredevil rocker previously admitted that he “fell into depression” when he broke his leg in Sweden

Dave fell 12 feet (3,7m) off the stage, snapping the bone, dislocating his leg and tearing “all” the ligaments in the limb.

The rocker decided to carry on with the “60 more shows” they had lined up – performing sitting down on a Game of Thrones inspired throne – but once the group had finished their string of concerts they decided to take a break, during which he struggled to cope with his recovery and life without the band and music.

He said: “I didn’t just snap the bone, I dislocated it and tore all the ligaments. But we had 60 more shows and after I came out of surgery we sat in my hotel room and had a meeting to decide what to do. Everyone wanted to make sure I was OK and that we weren’t pushing it too hard. So I said what would it be like if I had to sit in a ridiculous f***ing throne every night and play to thousands of people?

“I imagined there would be a solid year of no music but I didn’t realise how bad I’d damaged my leg until I was with a physiotherapist three months after I had surgery.

“I’ve got a beautiful life outside of the band, but music really is what keeps my f***ing blood pumping.

“After about six months, with no band or no music, I really fell into a depression where I felt empty.”

Author: BANG Showbiz