An alarming video of Nomuzi Mabena seemingly crashing her vehicle has gone viral and many people in South Africa are trying to find out the truth behind it

A normal Thursday evening in South Africa took a turn for the worse when a video of rapper and presenter, Nomuzi Mabena, started trending. In the video, Nomuzi appears to be driving while speaking to her fans on Instagram live who are also engaging her through comments.

Nomuzi begins by promising some exciting news to young artists and creatives before the video is abruptly interrupted by the sounds of screeching tyres and a loud crash while the windshield above her cracks.

The video remains static on the static windshield for a few seconds before switching off. Meanwhile, her followers (those who were commenting on the live video) immediately begin to panic, asking Nomuzi if she is okay.

Watch the full video below:

There has been no word from the rapper since the video first surfaced and the concern around her safety and whereabouts has only grown overnight.

All4Women spoke to her publicist, Kim Sineke, who could not confirm Nomuzi’s conditions and whereabouts at the time

Only commenting “All we know for now is what we saw on the video, we are all trying to get a hold of her.”

Nomuzi’s close friend and fellow rapper, Rouge, also issued an urgent plea to anybody who may have seen or heard anything regarding Nomuzi’s whereabouts and current condition:

The last time Nomuzi was seen before the purported accident was during a date with her boyfriend Sbu “Sbuda Roc” Motloung. Fans saw them sharing a romantic dinner (through their Instagram stories and earlier Live videos) throughout the evening and at the end of their date, Sbuda Roc allegedly shared this video of Nomuzi driving home from the venue in question.

We are currently awaiting more information on this story as it develops, however, the lack of comment from anybody associated with Nomuzi has caused both worry and skepticism.

While many of her fans are praying for her safety – and condemning live streaming while driving – several critics believe this to be shock tactic either for publicity or a campaign revolving around road safety.

There are many other conspiracy theories that have since surfaced on Twitter following the video’s upload.

This is a developing story.