De-cluttering is often one of those new year commitments which regularly fall by the wayside…

The new year is a time of resolutions which, for many of us, includes a desire to de-clutter our lives.

But psychologists say that that’s easier said than done and de-cluttering is often one of those new year commitments which regularly fall by the wayside. Somehow, we always end the year with even more unused stuff than we started it with.

So how do we make de-cluttering a reality in 2019? Claire Cobbledick, GM-Director of Gumtree SA, offers these eight simple steps:

The uncluttered guide to de-cluttering

  1. Moving stuff into an attic or a garage is not de-cluttering, it’s simply building a bigger problem for later. Resolve to get rid of items and not to just tidy them away out of sight.
  2. Assess your stuff on strong criteria – do I need this or will I need it sometime soon? Anything which does not clearly fit that criteria (“One of my kids might want this one day”) should be marked for disposal.
  3. Be generous and give away as much as you can afford to. Transporting bulky items like furniture can be a logistical and costly problem for some potentially grateful recipients but it’s possible to source cheap delivery services by searching on Gumtree with a filter for your area. If you’re clearing out books, most urban areas have a charity bookstore which will gratefully take your old volumes.
  4. There’s an online market for almost anything and selling second hand goods is easy. Post your items at a competitive price on Gumtree (use the Price Checker feature) and you’ll be amazed at how much you can make. If speed is of the essence, then go low and say ‘first to collect it gets it’. If you’re prepared to take a little longer, then go a little higher. Always post a clear picture of the item and comprehensively describe it.
  5. Old cellphones represent a particularly lucrative category as do used sports equipment and vinyl LPs.
  6. Sell furniture and household goods in January because so many people are moving into new rental accommodation for the year. Refrigerators are the third most searched-for item on Gumtree, so you should be able to quickly shift your old one or that spare drinks fridge.
  7. If you want a bit less money for a lot less hassle, you can use a one-stop solution (like who will clear out everything in a single stroke for a commission.
  8. Don’t immediately replace old unwanted stuff with a new load of future clutter. Only buy items in 2019 that you really need or that will bring you genuine pleasure.


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