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These five heritage sites in Africa should be at the top of your bucket list. They feature some of the most exquisite architecture from past civilisations, and were inhabited by some of the world’s most famous figures…

Some of these heritage sites were home to thriving ancient civilisations that built a lasting legacy in architecture and traditional customs. Other sites have political significance in a more modern age – like Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated.

Take a look at these five must-see heritage sites below. Which would you like to visit?

Kolmanskop – Namibia

This mysterious ghost town in the Namib desert was named after a transport driver named Johnny Coleman. In the early 1900s, Coleman joined the diamond rush to Namibia, but was forced to abandon his ox wagon at Kolmanskop during a massive sandstorm.

The area quickly developed as thousands flocked to find their fortune in diamonds, but after World War II, the diamonds ran out, and residents abandoned the town. By 1956, there was no one living there anymore.

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Visitors to the area can see the old abandoned buildings, now filled with sand and re-claimed by nature.

General view of Kolmanskop (Namibia) Copyright: pytyczech / 123RF Stock Photo

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