Socialite Babalwa ‘Barbz’ Mneno has put a “fake” Instagram account on blast for using her name in an attempt to organise young women as entertainment for rich men

It seems that, even though it’s a new year, Barbz just can’t shake off the accusations of being involved with “pimping” young women to rich men for a fee.

The claims first surfaced on Twitter in May last year after parody account @AdvBarryRoux shared a screenshot of a conversation, which suggested Barbz was a pimp.

Barbz slammed the claims at the time, saying she would never “pimp a fly”.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Barbz shared a screenshot of messages sent to a young woman

The chat included messages from the imposter, who tried to entice a young woman into “entertaining” a wealthy man for goodies such as a 40-inch weave and the possibility to make R40k in one night.

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Barbz was not impressed and warned the culprit that he or she would be punished.

“This is becoming laughable! I don’t even write like this! Trek suit?! I hope God punishes you hard, whoever did this shi*t! Once again, I do not look for nobody to make no money and I do not pimp! God will punish you for this. Whoever you are, God will get you boo.”

Barbz added that such attempts to tarnish her reputation would not be successful

“Everyone who cares about me proved that my pic is supposed to be next to my Instagram name on top there not just my handle… Satan will never overcome. Ya’ll tried it. This s**t will never stick,” she added.