4. Larger waist, less healthy heart

If you have a large waist size you probably have too much ‘visceral fat’ – the fat that wraps around your organs.

This causes many problems in the body, one of which is that your heart needs to work far harder to perform its normal function, leading to fatigue, and also meaning that heart-disease becomes fairly likely in the long term.

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5. Smaller waist – it’s just better, so do it!

Decreasing the size of your waistline really is not difficult (provided you are otherwise healthy and not on any chronic medications or using drugs).

So instead of welcoming all the negative effects of the larger waistline you have right now, doesn’t it make sense to spend a little while getting your waist size down to the normal range?

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I think so. Find a diet and exercise plan that suits you, and follow it. Simple.

Here are some diet ideas to try this year:

Simple diet ideas to try this year – Lose weight the easiest way possible


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