2. Larger waist, lower energy levels

How many really driven people do you know who are also very overweight? Very few (if any), right?

That’s because being heavier does things to your hormone profile and body chemistry that make you feel ‘lazier’ than you should be. Being energetic is a must in today’s crazy world, so you really need to trim down that waistline if you are feeling tired and lethargic all the time.

Could a vegan diet help balance your hormones?

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3. Larger waist, poorer sleep

People who are overweight also tend to get a much poorer quality of sleep than their more in-shape peers.

This has to do with hormones, and also your ability to breathe efficiently while you sleep. The fat in your neck can obscure your airway, ultimately leading to sleep apnoea, a pretty inconvenient thing to live with. Overweight people also sleep poorly because they tend to be too hot at night, and sweat more.



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